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The local community requires the expansion of the hospital but the facilities supplied by the city will not be enough for the new addition's needs. Thus an ecological solution was formed so many of the building's need will be fulfilled by nature itself.


In the heart of one of rural villages of Uganda a hospital serves the local community of Kiboga.

Kiboga itself is located about 2 hours drive from Kampala, the capitol, and about 5 hours drive from Hoima.

The new addition to the hospital will be built near the main building and will have to rely on natue to supply most of it's needs such as electricity, water and ventilation.


The building will be built with local materials and surrounded with local vegetation and herbs which will be grown and taken care by the local people.

But not only that but also -

ELECTRICITY | Solar panels will provide most of its electricity needs

WATER | Designated tank will store rain water which will be collected from the roof and filtered on the way down.

VENTILATION | Hot air raises high and thrown out of the building from the top windows and openings. Cool air is then pulled in and natural ventilation is created.


Remarkable people are operating the hospital and making sure the local community's need are answered as best as possible.

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