TERRATECTURA is an architectural studio located in heart of Tel Aviv. With young, talented and ambitious architects on board this boutique studio aims to reach the highest level of design while maintaining quality, efficiency and customer communication at all times.

With your project in our hands you can be assured the highest quality of planning, design and execution will be achieved. 

At any given moment one (or more) of our team members will be available for your needs, questions and requests.

You are more than welcome to visit our Portfolio, Blog and Services page for more information about our work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

טרהטקטורה הנו משרד אדריכלים הממוקם בלב תל אביב. עם צוות מוכשר ושאפתן ובשיתוף פעולה עם מיטב משרדי האדריכלות, הנדסה, עיצוב ושירותים היקפיים בארץ מכוון לרמה הגבוהה ביותר של תכנון, עיצוב וביצוע. לכל אורך הדרך ישנו דגש על איכות, יעילות, שירות ותקשורת מקיפה ורציפה עם הלקוח.

מוזמנים ומוזמנות לבקר בעמודי האתר השונים ולהתרשם מהעבודות, הבלוג והשירותים המוצעים, כמו גם ליצור קשר

Our team, each an exceptional expert and creator in hers/his discipline, brings to the table several perspective and approaches of defining the problems, resources and opportunities. Together we thrive to excel beyond expected and deliver a creative, efficient, and intelligent design solutions. Whether in the field of Architecture, Yachts & Transportation or Product Design we aim to be the agents of hope and change for a better now and a better future. We translate dreams of smart and efficient ecological design to reality.    


TERRATECTURA is eager for new challenges.

Giulia Zak
Ben Kotlar
Giuseppe Maresca
Fernando de la Riva
Giulia Zak

[Project Pusher]

Yacht Designer @ Rome

Ben Kotlar

[Problem Solver]

Creator @ Tel Aviv

Giuseppe Maresca

[Details Tailor]

Industrial Designer @ Paris

Fernando de la Riva

[Concept Realiser]

Architect @ Mexico City

Architect, Yacht Designer, athlete (Former member of the Italian Olympic Sailing team), passionate lover of the sea and nature, hard worker which understands the  importance of team work.

The research of the perfect balance between shape and performance is what still moves her to the field of design with respect of our common home Planet Earth.

Creative problem solver with great respect for quality, execution and deadlines. Curious, quick learner with critical thinking. Natural leader and proactive team member. Experienced architect with a multidisciplinary approach to design. Ecologically and environmentally oriented.


Motivated by the desire to do great things and a lot of good.


Industrial Designer, lover of pure materials, structural and essential shapes. Thrives to combine craftsman knowledge with quality inspector's perfectionism and problem solving skills. Formerly a blacksmith, a welder and a carpenter thus is strongly connected with products and industrial manufacturing and execution. Aims to pursuit beauty and efficiency.

Sculptor of Space, curious and pragmatic. Moved by the search of simplicity and minimalism.

Thrives to find new ways of thinking and balancing chaos with order while never forgetting that each project's greatness depends on it's essence. On the continuous research of creating things with sense, from a screw to a city, from a dream to realisation.

WHY ? Because we love life, we love the planet and we love to see how our skills help the environment and the local areas we give our attention to flourish and thrive. We believe there is always an opportunity to design a more efficient, ecological and beautiful project custom made for the Clients, Users and Earth.


HOW ? Multinational and multidisciplinary experts join skills and experience with one goal in mind - channeling  the energy correctly and help the potential within to show, excite and fulfill.


WHAT ? Opportunities emerge worldwide for better ecological solutions which are affordable, efficient and loyal to the client and users in many aspects but most important for us is long term. When we give a solution it we consider long term performance, endurance and comfort.