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Architectural Planning & Interior Design

The firm's new headquarters are being designed and different layout alternatives are measured against budget, timetable and concept (open space vs. private offices, zoning vs. multiple functions etc. ) Design included sketches, blueprints and 3D renderings as well as meeting the different needs of each department and the owner's.

Area : 12sqm X 16

Capacity : 20 apartments

Budget : 225,000 USD

תכנית טיפת חלב 01.jpg


In the heart of Tel Aviv small apartments  a garage store which for years and years served cars was refitted to a double unit deluxe complex. The area has already began distinct gentrification process and it was about time for this refit to occur. Once the construction was complete the neighbors came in curious to look around at the transformation.

Area : 2,720 sqm

Capacity : 25 Residential units

Floors : : 8

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