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Sirkin 17-19, Tel-Aviv  |  Urban Regeneration

Quadrant III -  New Building Design

Urban regeneration at the heart of Tel Aviv,  Sirkin street, next to the beach and the central street of Ben Yehuda. The preliminary examination of the plot showed an abundance of building potential which allowed the planning of a luxurious residential building, underground GYM and parking spaces

התחדשות עירונית בתל אביב ברחוב סירקין. בדיקת ההתכנות חשפה זכויות רבות ליזם אשר מאפשרות לא רק דירות החזר מורחבות לבעלי הדירות הנוכחיים אלא גם מפרט עשיר לדירות היזם, לוביים מפוארים,  חזיתות מטופחות, גינון משמעותי, סטודיו/חד"כ בקומת המרתף העליונה וחניה תת קרקעית פרטית לדיירי הבניין


A new building design according to Quadrant IV specifications with 6.5 floors, 27residential units, 3 garden apartments and 3 penthouses. In addition, The garden apartments includes underground areas suitable for GYM, service areas and parking.

תכנון ועיצוב בניין חדש בן 6.5 קומות לאחר הריסת שני מבני מגורים קיימים בני 4 קומות כל אחד. לפי תכנית 3616/א, רובע 3 ת"א


The complex is anchored by main vertical axis points with elevators, stairs, plumbing and electricity. The units are to be assembled onto the frame and relocating each cube will be easily available for the residents. Like the "Walking City" the idea of the structure as a flexible machine instead of a hollow rock led for a different way of looking at the project.


Whenever we encounter the opportunity to stop for a short period from the everyday conventional work mentality and rethink conventional paradigms together with a visionary client, EKO iTT embraces it. In this project a new model of urban dwelling was created to answer the upcoming needs and desires of modern city residents.

תצא 1.jpg
ייעודים 1.jpg

Aerial photo









הקו הסגול - 1.jpg

Light rail

Residents in modern urban areas change apartments often nowadays according to location, size and quality needs and desires. Instead of moving belongings from one place to another there will be a possibility for them to change the location and the design of their own cube as needed or desired.


In the heart of Tel Aviv an old plot stood empty for many years waiting for the right project. The EKO concept came to answer some of the crucial issues of urban dwelling in the modern era. Between 4-7 floors residential building around, in the junction of 3 of the busiest streets, Plot 17 contained the privileges for a major ground breaking opportunity to test a new way of housing. 

S17S19TLV-01_Photo - 8.jpg
S17S19TLV-01_Photo - 1.jpg

Quadrant III - Building potential





194 sqm


318 sqm





240 sqm

318 sqm

318 sqm

318 sqm

318 sqm

192 sqm







Sirkin 7-9 TLV - plans 3d.jpg
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