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Interior Modification | 110 sqm apartment

Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv



The best way to explain to the client or public what is being designed is not by blueprints or excel tables but via 3D simulations, Traveling through the project or taking a peak at certain scenarios. With photo-realistic views or conceptual and artistic renders the message of the design and approach is best transferred and a better communication channel between professionals in the field of design, construction and client is established.


In the heart of Tel Aviv small apartments  a garage store which for years and years served cars was refitted to a double unit deluxe complex. The area has already began distinct gentrification process and it was about time for this refit to occur. Once the construction was complete the neighbors came in curious to look around at the transformation.


The challenge and complexity of the project presented immediately numerous advantages and opportunities  which we just could not leave unexplored. It was beyond curious to see the final result when the original site is burned in our memory.


One of the most fascinating projects we had the pleasure to design and oversee the construction process. This double floor double double unit complex was design over the skeletal remains of an old automobile repair shop. The garage was to be transformed into two deluxe double floor residential units. Special attention was given to natural and artificial light usage throughout the complex.


From Cement and asbestos the cleaning began and the construction of insulation, plaster walls and wooden gallery began. A new layout of plumbing and electricity layout was installed to enable a modern and convenient life style indoors. 

While the site was peeled off its asbestos tiles and mechanical equipment, the insulation panels and wooden planks were being prepared by measure.

New ceiling meant new opportunities for opening windows and let more natural light shower the space.

Carefully located mirrored to each other the staircases crate an arc and are self supported. The gallery is leaning on the industrial main structure with exposed I-beams and is overlooking the main floor.


The owner of the car garage has retired from his daily work and decided to refit the complex from a car service facility to a brand new luxurious duplex units.

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