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A new Yeshiva compound for the OROT MOSHE is to be built in a public plot located at the outskirts of Rosh HaAin. The new compound will be hosting about 400 students and staff members, forming together a community dedicated to studying and improving the well being of its surrounding..

Amongst it's devisions the compound will include a Synagogue, classrooms, dining hall, offices and an auditorium.

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The opportunity to bring ecological design to a Yeshiva compound, which includes such divers functions is an exciting task not to be missed. The gentle balance between tradition, customs, old vs. new, modern studies as well as ancient ones was our guide in this process of design and execution. 

Natural light played a key part in the design as well as the use of recycled materials.

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In the heart of one of the most religious cities in the Israel a vacant plot owned by the city was chosen for this project. Around are surrounding plantation and villas creating a picturesque scenery.

The local community engages with the Yeshiva's activities which became one of the hot spots for public gatherings, celebration hosting and of course religious practice.

The compound aims to become a public oriented complex with a warm welcoming soft haze of light surrounding it and proclaiming the area without walls and fences - thus the inner garden could be enjoyed and used by the guests of the synagogue and the public.


The Compound will be constructed in three stages, each adding a new devision and function to the story : Synagogue, Dining Hall, Offices,    classrooms, Auditorium and even meeting rooms.

Although a modern design could be achieved a more traditional facade was chosen in order to soften the acceptance of a new entity into the neighborhood. Great respect was given to the opinion of the community and the elegant integration of the building with its surroundings.

Alongside the use of rough stones the placement of solar panels can be seen as well as the use of metal mesh panels ontop vines can grow during the summer months for shading. The result was a building with an ever changing appearance.

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Leading the the Yeshiva is the honorable Rabbi Gilad Hala who also is teaching and serving as a role model for the young generation of students studying and living in the compound.

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