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Ben Yehuda 77, Tel-Aviv  |  Urban Regeneration

Quadrant III -  New Building Design

Urban regeneration at the heart of Tel Aviv -Ben Yehuda street, not far from the beach and several urban centers. The preliminary examination of the plot showed an abundance of potential which allowed the planning of a luxurious residential building with a commercial façade on Ben Yehuda and a residential entrance from the quiet and intimate Rupin street.

התחדשות עירונית בתל אביב ברחוב בן יהודה המפורסם, לא רחוב מהים וממספר מרכזים מסחריים ועירוניים. בדיקת ההתכנות חשפה זכויות בנייה משמעותיות אשר מאפשרות לא רק דירות החזר מורחבות לבעלי הדירות הנוכחיים אלא גם מפרט עשיר לדירות היזם, לוביים מפוארים,  חזיתות מטופחות, גינון משמעותי, חנויות על רחוב בן יהודה ההומה, כניסה לבית הדירות מרופין השקט ומעבר אורבני בניהם

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Aerial photo

Light rail

Urban buildings


Between the famous Ben Yehuda street and the quiet and intimate Rupin street there's a unique compound - a residential building combined with a boutique hotel and together with stores and an underground GYM form a modern style mixed uses compound. While the compound was formed patch by patch over time, the new building which will be built instead will hold these uses in a pre-arranged manner, carefully planned so each function will receive it's best position and will minimize it's impact on other uses.. 


Instead of an old and decaying building there is an option to build a new, modern and luxurious building. The tenants agree for an urban regeneration plan which demolishes the current building and building a new one instead. The new building will be slightly bigger and the profit from the extra apartments will fund the projects entirely so the current apartment owners will not have to spend a dime.


A new building design according to Quadrant IV specifications with 6.5 floors, 45 residential units, 2 garden apartments and 3 penthouses. In addition, facing the busy Ben Yehuda street a commercial façade will be place with 3 stores and a passageway to an underground GYM.

תכנון ועיצוב בניין חדש בן 6.5 קומות לאחר הריסת מבנה מגורים קיים בן 4 קומות. לפי תכנית 3616/א, רובע 3 ת"א


The apartment owners at the compound come together and formed a committee. Together they have reviewed offers received by several companies and agreed on one. This company will not only take upon itself to demolish and rebuild but also to fund the current tenants accommodations for the whole construction period.


Analyzing the potential of the plot led to the volume of the building as dictated by the Quadrant III rules of the city of Tel Aviv : A Commercial façade on Ben Yehuda street, a residential entrance on Rupin street and a total of  floors building with over 40 apartments. The core of course contains elevators, storage spaces and technical 




Public Garden

Aerial photo

אלכסוני 1.jpg
מבט רחוב 1.jpg

Quadrant III - Building potential



544 sqm


641 sqm


641 sqm


641 sqm


641 sqm


641 sqm


525 sqm

700 sqm








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